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Roof Inspections

The roof area inspection will include the visually observed roof areas including the roof covering, flashing, vents, etc.  The inspector will make a reasonable effort to get on the roof, or inspect the roof on a ladder at the gutter areas. The access all depends on safety issues – is it safe for the inspector to walk on the roof?  In some cases, the roof inspection is conducted on the ground with binoculars. The inspector will document the methods used to inspect the roof area in the report.  

  • The roof covering:  Typically shingles, rolled roofing materials, slate, rubber membrane, etc.  The inspector is looking for any missing shingles / damaged shingles / curling and lifting materials.  The inspector will try to determine the age of the shingles and will make note of any apparent repairs or patching observed at the time of the inspection. 

For example: are some areas of the roof covering damaged by hail?  Are the shingles so old they appear to be at the end of their expected life? Are there missing pieces of shingles? 

Common defects include damaged or missing shingles, curled and shrinking materials, storm damage

  • Flashing: Typically metal, rubber/vinyl… The flashing is the material between the shingles and roof area components like side walls, chimney, vents, pipes, etc.  The inspection of flashing is important because most roof leaks involve water getting into the house through poorly installed or old flashing areas. 

For example: is the flashing around the base of the chimney bent or rusted?  

Common defects include flashing that needs to be sealed as part of important maintenance 

  • Skylights, chimneys, plumbing vents: Brick and mortar chimneys, metal vents, attic ventilation components, skylights, bathroom vent covers are inspected to the extent they are accessible and observable. 

For example: cracks, loose bricks, stained or damaged skylights, etc.  

Common defects include chimneys that need “tuck pointing and skylights that show signs of past leaks 

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