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Plumbing Home Inspection

Plumbing Home Inspections

The inspector will inspect the installed and readily accessible plumbing components 

  • Supply Pipes: interior water supply and distribution materials including fixtures and faucets.  The inspector turns on faucets and flushes toilets to observed functionality of the plumbing system.  The presence of any leaks or drips being the primary focus.
  • Drain Pipes: interior drain, waste, and vent materials including fixtures.  The inspector observes water running through drains to observe functionality.  Slow or blocked drains being the primary focus.
  • Water heating equipment (water heaters).  The inspector will try to identify the age of the water heater and evaluate if the water is being heated adequately. 
  • Observable vent stacks, flues, and chimneys. 
  • If applicable: fuel storage tanks and fuel distribution systems
  • If applicable: sewage ejectors, sump pumps, and related piping. In most cases, if the sump pump is accessible, the inspector will test the pump. 

Common defects include dripping & leaking pipes, loose faucet hardware, rusted pipes, slow drains, sump pumps not working properly.

During the inspection, the following components are inspected if they are readily accessible and visible to the inspector: 

Interior water supply and distribution system, including: piping materials & supports, insulation, fixtures and faucets, functional flow, leaks and drips, and visible cross connections. 

Interior drain, waste, and vent systems, including: traps, drains, waste and vent piping, piping supports and pipe insulation, leaks and drips, and functional drainage.

The home inspector shall describe: Water supply and distribution piping materials, drains, waste, and vent piping materials, water heating equipment, and the location of main water supply shutoff valve(s). The home inspector shall operate all plumbing fixtures, including their faucets and all exterior faucets attached to the house, except where the flow end of the faucet is connected to an appliance.  

Note: If the water valves are shut off at the time of the inspection, the inspector will not be opening water supply valves or the main on/off valve at the water meter. 

In some cases, if defects are found, the client will be advised to hire a licensed plumber for expert evaluation & cost estimates for needed repairs. 

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