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HVAC Home Inspection

HVAC Home Inspections

The inspector will inspect the installed and readily accessible HVAC equipment such as the furnace, heat pumps (if applicable), the air conditioning equipment, ductwork, and visible vents, flues and chimneys. 

The inspector will try to determine the age of the equipment. 

Using a meter, the inspector checks for any natural gas leaks at the furnace area.

Furnace: The inspector will run the furnace to observe the functionality of the equipment.  The inspector will report on visible ductwork and registers. 

Common defects include furnaces that are dirty, furnaces that have not had routine maintenance and are in need of service, rusted or corroded equipment.

Air Conditioning: The inspector will run the Air Conditioning providing it is warm enough to do so.  The inspector runs the AC to observe the functionality of the cooling equipment. 

Common defects include air blowing through the vents that is not cold enough, equipment that is loud when it is turned on, rusted and corroded equipment. 

Heat Pump Systems:The inspector runs the heat pump to observed functionality of the equipment.

Space Heaters: The inspector runs the space heaters to observe the functionality of the equipment

  • If the exterior temperature is below 60 degrees, the Air Conditioning will not be tested. Running the Air Conditioning in cool or cold temperatures can damage the equipment.
  • The inspector will operate the equipment, provided the energy source (natural gas, electricity, or propane) is turned on at the time of the inspection.
  • The inspector typically will use a gas detection meter and a carbon monoxide detector to try to find any leaks around the furnace and gas supply pipes.
  • During the inspection process the inspector can answer questions clients have about filters, humidifiers, blowers, venting issues.
  • In some cases, depending on the condition of the HVAC equipment, the client will be advised to hire a professional HVAC technician for expert evaluation of the equipment. For example, often a furnace would have to be partially dismantled for a proper inspection of the heat exchanger. Dismantling of the Heating and Cooling equipment is beyond the scope of the general home inspection.

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