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Exterior Grounds Inspection

Exterior Grounds

The exterior inspection will take into account those readily accessible and visually observable components (natural and man-made) around the outside of the house.

  • Driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, and exterior steps

For example: looking for large cracks / trip hazards / uneven concrete / paved areas sloped towards the foundation? 

Common defects found include uneven concrete & trip hazards 

  • Grade / Landscaping issues

For example: is the ground sloped downwards towards the foundation? Are there potential drainage issues?  Are trees, bushes, shrubs too close to exterior walls or roof areas? 

Common defects found include poorly designed landscaping which directs water towards the foundation areas instead of draining surface water away from the foundation 

  • Decks

For example: Loose boards / rotted wood / exposed nails or screws / poorly installed deck framing? 

Common defects found include rotted wood and wobbly deck railing 

  • Stairs

For example: Are the steps uniform in size / loose railing / trip hazards / steps are too high or too short

Common defects found include rotted framing and steps that are too high or too narrow

  • Detached garages 

For example, does the overhead door open and close properly?  Are electrical components in the garage safely installed? 

Common defects found include poorly installed electrical outlets and unsafe wiring methods

Please note, the inspection procedure does not include the inspection of wells, drains in the yard, septic systems, pond areas, fire-pits & grills, swimming pools, fences, recreational equipment, awnings, and storage sheds.  The inspector will not be providing a soil analysis or providing an overview of the health of trees, bushes, and shrubs. Landscape lighting and light timers are not tested.   

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