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Exterior Home Inspection

Exterior Walls Inspections

The inspection will include the readily accessible and visually observable areas of the exterior walls and siding materials, exterior trim, exterior side of doors and windows, exterior electric outlets and wall mounted faucets, and the exterior side of the foundation to the extent it is visible. 

System components like pipes, drains, electrical cables that are buried or otherwise not visible are not evaluated and are not included in the inspection report. 

  • Siding and trim: In the Cleveland area, typically siding is wood, brick, metal or vinyl, composite materials, or a Tudor style.  

For example: Looking for weather damaged siding, missing pieces of siding, or siding with holes from insect damage. 

Common defects include holes, cracks, wood rot, and weather damage 

  • Doors and Windows: The inspection report will include identifying the materials and condition of the doors and windows. Depending on the age and condition, Doors & Windows can be an expensive repair or replacement item..  

For example: Looking for wood rot, weather damage, cracked glass, locks and door hardware in need of upgrade. 

Common defects include cracked glass, failed seals at double pane glass, rotted trim

  • Electric outlets and faucets: The inspector will test the accessible electric outlets and wall mounted faucets.  GFCI style outlets are recommended where outlets are installed at exterior walls and yard areas.  Faucets should be functional and anti-siphon style hardware is recommended.  

For example: Making sure electric outlets are grounded, and testing faucets for leaks or drips. 

Common defects include electric outlets that are not GFCI protected and outlets that are not grounded.  

  • Foundation: The inspector will look at the visible areas of the exterior side of foundation walls. Typically, concrete block or poured concrete materials are found. 

For example: Looking for cracks or materials that have shifted or settled significantly.  

Common defects include cracks, loose or missing mortar between blocks 

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